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Current Issue - GWER Volume 4 Week 7(Sunday 17th February,2019 )

SUMMARY OF PRIORITY DISEASES AND EVENTS - WEEK 07, 2019 The total all-cause notifiable disease morbidity for the week (as per IDSR Weekly Summary Reporting Form) was 1,454 cases with one death from meningitis and a maternal death. Acute watery diarrhoea in persons aged 5 years and above was the highest proportion of cases reported and contributed 57% of the notifiable diseases case load during Week 7 [See Figure 1 and Annex 1] Read more

In this issue

  • All suspected meningitis cases from Nandom and Nadowli-Kaleo districts, lab confirmed as negative
  • Cluster of Measles cases recorded in Nkoranza North district

Districts in Meningitis Alert or Epidemic Nadowli-Kaleo and Nandom districts crossed the epidemic threshold during the week under review however all the samples were confirmed as negative by PCR [Figures 2, 5 & 6]. Lawra and Zabzugu districts on the hand crossed the alert threshold during the week with no confirmed case [Figures 2, 3 & 4].


  • Malnutrition adversely impacts the growth, development, educational attainment, and burden of chronic diseases among children. Rates of malnutrition (stunting) in the Eastern Region are among the highest in Ghana. We assessed the nutritional status of children and risk factors for malnutrition amongst children (under five years) in selected rural and peri-urban communities in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality in the Eastern Region of Ghana. We also assessed mothers’ knowledge of nutritional practices.

Read more