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Organisational Structure
Regional Administration
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Organisational Structure

Administratively GHS is organized at 3 levels:


·          National level

·          Regional level

·          District Level


Functional Levels


Functionally GHS is organised at Five (5) Levels:


·          National Level

·          Regional Level

·          District Level

·          Sub-district Level

·          Community Level


Governance of Ghana Health Service


GHS is governed by a 12-member Council-The Ghana Health Service Council.

Its functions are:

·          Ensure the implementation of the functions of the Service

·          Submit to the Minister recommendations for health care delivery policies and programmes

·          Promote collaboration between the Ministry of Health, Teaching Hospitals and the Service

·          Advise the Minister on posts in the Service and other matters that the Minister may request



Administrative Level Structures


National Level

·          Ghana Health Service Council

·          Office of the Director General and Deputy Director General

·          Eight National Divisional Directors


Regional Level

·          Regions are headed by 10 Regional Directors of Health Services

·          Supported by Regional Health Management Teams

·          Regional Health Committees


Districts Level

·          All 110 districts are headed by District Directors of Health Services

·          Supported by the District Health Management Teams

·          District Health Committees

·          Sub District Health Management Teams



Budget Management Centres or Cost centres of the GHS


The above administrative levels are organised as Budget and Management Centres or Cost centres for purposes of administering Government of Ghana and Developmental Partner Funds.

. There are a total of 223 functional BMCs and  110 Sub-Districts BMCs of Record. A break down of the BMCs are as follows: Currently, the headquarters of the GHS is managed as one BMC; 10 Regional Health Administration, 8 Regional Hospitals, 110 District Health Administrations and 95 District Hospitals.



Staff of the GHS


Act 525 mandates that the following categories of staff belong to the Ghana Health Service:

·          Health personnel in the employment of the MOH immediately before the coming into force of the ACT 525

·          All who will be employed by GHS or seconded to it after the coming into force of GHS

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